Welcome to the Oklahoma Division of the International Association for Identification


Dear Friends,

For more than 50 years, the Oklahoma Division of the International Association of Identification has been hard at work supporting and educating law enforcement agencies, students and alumni. From an initial enrollment of fewer than 20 members in July of 1966, we have grown to a body of membership of 734, across a wide variety of physical forensic science disciplines.
Welcome to our Association’s page. Welcome to our family.

As the new President of the OKIAI, it is remarkable to think that the OKIAI has been in existence for 50 years, particularly when one considers all that has been achieved since its formation in 1966. This year marks 50 years for our division, and we are proud to continue serving and promoting education, training and publications in the physical forensic sciences. We ask that you join us this year as we embrace 50 years of ACHIEVEMENTS!

Over the last 50 years the OKIAI has evolved into a family of members dedicated to seeking education, training, and advancing identification disciplines beyond the boundaries of our state.  Today, as always, the OKIAI serves our communities with diverse leadership, knowledgeable in the areas of the physical forensic science disciplines. Our members represent a broad spectrum of educators tasked with harmonizing, coordinating and promoting education and training programs that serve as effective elements to fight crime.

The OKIAI has established many relevant alliances with government and law enforcement agencies throughout our great state over the years. Today through such collaborations, our members serve, support and train, locally and abroad, while supporting our mission to, “promote education, training, research, and professionalism in crime scene investigation and identifications sciences”.
Such collaborations cater to the many unique relationships that help foster the combination of advancing forensic science, advancing professional standards and supporting local and state law enforcement. The following is a list of just a few of the many valuable resources that support our membership today: W. Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute at the University of Central Oklahoma, The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training, Regional Organized Crime Information Center, Federal Bureau of Investigation- Oklahoma City, Edmond Police Department, Oklahoma Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.  These agencies and many others have continuously supported efforts set forth by our Board of Directors and hence have resulted in a coordinated and cohesive approach to improving the quality of physical forensic science disciplines nationwide.  

I encourage you to explore the many resources on this website and acquire information about us. You will also see the vendors that will be present at our Annual Sponsors for our 50th Anniversary.  I hope you find this a useful platform for further information. On behalf of the OKIAI and our National chapter, we thank you for your interest and continued support.

Deion P. Christophe


The 50th Anniversary Conference will be held May 18-20, 2016 at the University of Central Oklahoma Forensic Science Institute. Please see the conference page for more information.



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